What is JavaBB?


JavaBB is a software program based on Java, developed specifically with intention to join communities.
Based in phpbb, we are working on and pledged to the success of phpBB, to become javaBB – so efficient as it  is.


JavaBB Technology


Would you like to Develop with us JavaBB? First of all you will need to understand some technologies like Spring, Velocity, Hibernate and WebWork. After this, you’ll need some account at our DEV.Java.NET. Note that to download the JavaBB source code, you don’t need privileges of Developer from JavaBB.

Supported Features Include:

# Flood Control
# Watch Topic
# Config file for custom changes
# Complete layout changes thru css-theme files
# Languages files and buttons file, based on phpBB
# Forum category
# Links to other urls
# Sticky posts and announcements
# BBcode
# Locked threads
# IP logging system
# Paginsystem
# Member Registration and editing
# Member List
# Private message system
# Admin System
# Bad word filter
# And much more…

Contact Us


We have worked for several months in different clients like UOL, JavaFree and so forth. At UOL they have contracted us as a consultant to integrate and customize our product with theirs plataform. If you need to integrate our product with your product, contact us.

If you have downloaded JavaBB and found differents features with UOL or JavaFree, we have to say that JavaBB opensource for download is not the same software that is running on UOL or JavaFree. This version for free download is much more lite. More features will come and software support is available with the premium version. As with any situation, we cannot be held responsible or liable in the case of conflict, downtime or injury to your website resulting from the use of our free software. You will also need some tools to compile JavaBB, including:

  • Eclipse
  • Sysdeo Eclipse Plugin
  • Velocity Eclipse Plugin
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL

Support requests for customers can be sent using the form above, however we would prefer they use the ticket system by contacting us: info(at)javabb.org. Our response time is an average of 24 hours with an average resolution time of 30 minutes. Please keep in mind that different timezones around the world will affect our communications (live chat may not be available in areas outside of India or France). However, our international users find email to be the best communication method with us.